Thermo-Mechanical Timber Modification

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Avant Wood Leads The Way

Avant Wood is a leading global provider of first-class innovative products and solutions in the areas of Thermo-Mechanical Timber Modification and associated process control software and hardware technology.


Our unique TMTM technology changes the properties of wood and replaces the use of endangered timber species with sustainable materials. That means less waste and better business for companies in the global timber industry.


Based in Finland, we operate globally.

Modification technology
Distinct Technology

Our unique concept is based around    three key technologies – TMTM- modification, process control technology, and CSS. 

Sustainable Wood Industry
Unrivalled Competitiveness

We help leaders in the wood industry compete with efficient, environmentally responsible products and solutions in the areas of sustainably modified timber.

Timber utilization
Improved Timber Utilization

We make it possible to use fast growing farmed softwood instead of hardwood and endangered wood species to help prevent climate change. 

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The New Approach of the Timber Modification

At Avant Wood, we're revolutionizing the world of timber modification and making it possible to use fast growing farmed softwood instead of hardwood and endangered wood species to help prevent climate change.​  

Our products help minimize energy and hazardous chemical consumption. They reduce the unnecessary use of wood and emissions of CO2  in many industrial processes.


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Global Examples

Wood has unlimited opportunities to be utilized globally in a more environmental and sustainable way.

Löyly - the Case

Get inspired by reading more about our involvement in the Löyly, a modern architectural wonder located in Helsinki, Finland. It has been recognized as one of the World's 100 Greatest Places to visit list by Time Magazine. 

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Löyly case
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