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Our solutions are built upon the three core technologies:

Avant Wood provides innovative Thermo-Mechanical Timber Modification solutions (TMTM) and associated process control software and hardware technology.
We help customers enhance productivity and competitiveness in various solid wood industries. To ensure that our product offering is always one step ahead of the competition, Avant Wood invests heavily in R&D. 


Through combinations of compression pressure and different treatment conditions, our modification changes wood properties. These are e.g. wood hardness, dimensional stability, colour and durability. 

Process Control
Process Control

Our process is programmed and controlled by a logic and PC-controlled system. Sensor data and process formulae allow for customer-specific optimization.

CSS,  Software updates, Service, and proactive maintenance targets ensure your customer's competitiveness. CSS can be tailored to individual customer needs.

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Powerful drivers of change power our mission

Think about it. Up to 80% of harvested wood in the developing world is going to waste or being burned, especially tropical wood.

In many central European countries, a significant amount of hardwood is allocated to the energy sector, due to its small timber diameter.

Yet, wood has unlimited opportunities to be utilized globally in a more environmental and sustainable way.

With our modification units, small-diameter timber can be used commercially in high value-added engineered wood products. Timber can be modified to make products that meet client-specific characteristics, such as hardness, strength, moisture and age durability, dimensional stability. 

Avant Wood Modification Technology

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