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We're a Finnish-based, leading global provider of first-class innovative products and solutions in the areas of Thermo- Mechanical Timber Modification, TMTM and associated process control software and hardware technology.

Utilizing Our TMTM technology, we are revolutionizing the world of timber modification by changing the properties of wood and replacing the use of endangered timber species with sustainable materials.


Are You Ready to Join the Revolution?

With seven modification units already up and running, our proof-of-concept phase has illustrated how our customers in various solid wood industries throughout the world will benefit from enhanced productivity and competitiveness. And have a lasting impact on our planet for generations to come. Are You ready to join us?

We create the mission. You create the success.


Think of us as an enabler. As a partner

Avant Wood TMTM unit delivery is a collaboration project with the customer. We work on a broad geographical scale to strengthen customer collaboration and serve local needs and realize local business opportunities.

A regional organizational structure ensures short local decision-making paths and faster customer contacts. So we'll be there to meet your expectations and needs, from initial contact to the sales process and delivery - even the aftermarket

TMTM modification delivers timber industry-leading companies the advantages of shorter production lead time, higher material, yield, enhanced energy efficiency and customer-specific modifiability of most timber species.

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Our Team

  • We are a Finnish project & technology company whose activities and developments in Thermo-Mechanical Timber Modification, TMTM, were founded to early 2000.

  • The first production pilot plant and R&D activities were initiated jointly with leading timber industry companies, universities, and research institutes in Finland to increase wood value with new TMTM technology.

  • After years of development and testing and with the strengthened team, we are ready to make all these innovative wood products and process solutions available to our customers.



CSS, Software, Maintenance & Service - the Avant Wood Promise

Avant Wood's product offering in the three core technologies of TMTM modification technology serves as the foundation for achieving our customer's goal for profitable, organic growth.

The efficiency and quality of Avant Wood products are and will remain critical criteria. To ensure we are always one step ahead of the competition, Avant Wood invests a significant amount of its sales in R&D.

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